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In the year 1894 our great grandfather owned two caves (in Greek “Canava”) which he used for the first process of making wine, meaning treading grapes.

He even carved his signature on the wall of the main cave to be remembered by.

As the years went by they passed on to the next generation and the next……We started to rebuild the two caves and eventually created a complex of traditional houses that are built strictly according to the architecture of the island.

Today it answers to the name ATRINA CANAVA 1894 traditional houses.

Our houses vary in size from 40 to 90 sq.meters.

Volcano rocks create the external structure of the houses, giving the pool area a spectacular look and surround the whole compound creating the natural look of Santorini.

Entering our facility you will find a breathtaking view with the whole island of Santorini lying before you and the stunning volcano gazing at you.

ATRINA TRADITIONAL HOUSES Oia, 84701,Santorini,Cyclades Islands,Greece
Tel:+30 22860 71807 - Fax:+30 22860 71637 - - Reservations all year round:+30 693 7158207